Hi, I’m Ebere Akadiri.


For over 20 years, I’ve built four successful businesses and launched several products (both physically and online) in the market.

Currently, I share my business strategy and leadership knowledge and facilitate deep conversations on becoming an effective leader and starting and growing a small business.


So many people come to me with questions like, how do I become a leader? How do I run and grow a business as a mother?, how do I become a business coach or mentor?, how do I run a successful event?, how do I promote my business online?, and where do I start?


It all depends on your passion, strength, expertise, opportunities and the business model you choose.

There’s no one-size-fits-all, which is why templates and cookie-cutter methods don’t work. You need to discover your style and your values and start leading with that in mind.

To help you do just that…


I host the Inspiring Women Leaders TV Show and podcast

I interview established leaders to learn about their experiences, opportunities and obstacles in their rise to the top, to inspire future and aspiring leaders to raise their aspirations and gain the confidence to rise to leadership.


I host the Founders Table Talk

A show that takes you behind the scenes of successful and accomplished business founders and leaders. I engage in deep and thoughtful conversations to find out their model of success and give you ideas on how you can improve your business model. We talk about all things business development – from customer development, digital marketing, product development, sales, balancing life’s priorities, building partnerships, mindset, and more!


I created the Founders Table Club

A community of small business owners sharing and learning from each other’s experiences as they grow and expand their business.