Ebere Akadiri

Established Entrepreneur, Leadership Strategist and Business Development Expert

Passionate about helping women to rise and lead in their careers and business.

Meet Ebere Akadiri

Established Leader in Women’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship

For over 23 years, Ebere has been building and leading businesses. Through her experience, she’s been helping corporate leaders and career professionals to unleash their potential. She partners with large and small corporate organisations to design and implement strategies for increased gender diversity & Inclusion.

Additionally, as an experienced entrepreneur who has operated a multi-branch restaurant, launched food products in the market and built one of the strongest female leadership advocacy and development brands in Europe, Ebere has helped dozens of women pursue their dreams and launch successful ventures.


Best Practices for Implementing a Corporate Mentorship Program

With corporate mentoring, new employees can quickly learn about the company while building lasting relationships with their mentors and accelerating their career and leadership development.

The Importance Of Corporate Mentorship Programs

Corporate mentorship programs have become an increasingly popular tool for companies looking to develop and retain their employees as they help employees to connect and share knowledge & encouragement.

What Is Corporate Mentorship?

Corporate mentorship can be a powerful tool for companies looking to develop and retain their employees, promote diversity and inclusion, and foster a culture of learning and growth.

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