Ebere Akadiri

Established Entrepreneur, Leadership Strategist and Business Development Expert

Passionate about helping women to rise and lead in their careers and business.

Meet Ebere Akadiri

Established Leader in Women’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship

For over 23 years, Ebere has been building and leading businesses. Through her experience, she’s been helping corporate leaders and career professionals to unleash their potential. She partners with large and small corporate organisations to design and implement strategies for increased gender diversity & Inclusion.

Additionally, as an experienced entrepreneur who has operated a multi-branch restaurant, launched food products in the market and built one of the strongest female leadership advocacy and development brands in Europe, Ebere has helped dozens of women pursue their dreams and launch successful ventures.



Trust creates bond, respect, acceptance, and harmony.

When you do not trust people, you are easily prejudiced against them. Everything they say sounds false to your hearing. Every work they do is first scrutinized. You will most likely not include them in important conversations. Put simply, lack of trust creates...

Strategy & Culture

Have you heard the comment that culture will eat strategy any day?

But what is culture and what is strategy?

Culture, according to the dictionary, is the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a group people or society.

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or...


Humility is an asset.

You often hear that people are not humble when they seem to brag about their achievements and successes. This means when people live in an expensive house, drive big cars or wear flashy dresses, they are not humble.

As a child, I learned about the subject...

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