5 Ways Women Are Set for Success in The Workplace

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It’s a sad fact of American life that, even in 2019, women may still suffer from workplace discrimination. There are many economists, social scientists, and other smart people to write about these issues intelligently. For our part, we want to give our thanks to the women in workplaces around the world.

It’s their amazing work, dedication, and fearlessness that have built and continue to keep strong so many different areas of our world, in business, commerce, and every other aspect of human flourishing.

We hope that the world’s social structure will soon catch up to what we’ve all already known, that women are powerful assets to any workplace. With this article, we hope to inspire and encourage every woman in the workplace!So, here are five ways that women set themselves up for success in the workplace.


1. They have a bold vision

Women are strong and courageous. Despite (or because of) the many hardships they’ve had to endure in American history, from fighting for the right to vote to championing the rights to higher education, equal job opportunity, and fair work wages, women have a creative and expansive vision of what’s possible. This ability allows them to see and imagine what’s possible in a unique way.Great women with a bold vision in the workplace include Regina Honu, who is a professional software designer and the talented visionary behind Soronko Solutions, a company dedicated to helping women and children in African learn to code.


2. They build strong relationships

Women are naturally talented at getting to know people, their personalities, their strengths, and their weaknesses. This ability makes them great team leaders and project managers because they understand what their coworkers’ talents and skills. That means that they can designate and delegate intelligently, as well as make differences on a personal level through their ability to communicate.Ellen DeGeneres is an excellent example of a woman who uses her communication and connection to impact and build relationships with people all over the world as one of America’s favorite TV show hosts!


3. They have mastered the skill of influencing

Women are movers and shakers in the workplace. They’re great at noticing where things in a company can be improved, and they also know how to fill that gap with smart decision-making and teamwork. With their strong vision, communication, and interpersonal skills, it’s no wonder that women are adept at making positive influences in their companies.The famous and heroic Malala Yousafzai has never been afraid to stand up for what’s right. She now uses her worldwide fame and influence to help women and girls who were in her situation receive the support and education they deserve!


4. They are visible and always own their power

Women are powerful witnesses to the strength of intelligence and passion. By their unique combination of a curious, intelligent mind and a passionate heart, women are continually striving to help change the world and make it a better place. In the workplace, not only are women are visible as champions of the underdog, but their clients and coworkers.When women genuinely own their power to make a positive difference in the world and their companies, they can be driving forces behind company-wide changes that benefit all, whether that’s in company policy, or in the way employees interact with each other and share ideas.One woman who exemplifies this perfectly is Emma Watson. She is an actress, fashion model, and women’s and environmental rights activist who isn’t afraid to use her power to make a difference to the world.


5. They are willing and ready to move into challenging roles

Women aren’t afraid to step into roles in the business that are challenging. They are willing to break through barriers or other difficulties to provide the leadership and example their company or team needs. Women very rarely shy away from a challenging role!

Alice Coachman, a Gold medal winner at the 1948 London Olympics, is a perfect example of this! Despite not being allowed to do athletic training with the other white girls when she was in school, she trained on her own, eventually becoming the first black woman to win the gold medal in the high jump.

Women are powerful and necessary parts of a great workplace team. They are bold leaders, powerful influencers, and visionaries!

So, through this piece of article, we hope we’ve inspired women to take charge of their amazing workplace talents and inspired men to appreciate better how important women are!


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