A New Year Gift for You

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During the Christmas, I promised my kids that I would bake cakes for them and something went wrong. I had planned to bake three different types of cakes, but when I started baking, I realised that I forgot to buy one of the major ingredients- margarine. I ended up baking only one chocolate cake. The next day I bought margarine and set out to bake a vanilla cake. At one point, I wanted to add milk, and then I realised that my chocolate cake recipe required milk, which I had forgotten to add the day before when I baked the chocolate cake. However, my vanilla cake recipe does not contain milk yet I was about to add it.

What does that teach us? You see, I haven’t baked in the last two years because I don’t enjoy baking and look what happened. I was beginning to forget the ingredients and processes of baking. Also, I, unfortunately, didn’t have the recipes written down anywhere.

Let’s look at it from our business perspective. We have ideas about what we want to achieve, but we are not consistent in carrying it out.

This lack of consistency often happens because we don’t take the time to plan out and write down how we are going to achieve these ideas – the ingredients and the processes – in a detailed manner so we can always see it. The result could be missed opportunities, missed deadlines, lack of productivity, lack of result measurements and lost time. In some cases, this lack of well-documented actions and processes could make us forget what we are supposed to achieve in our business.

Not having a documented strategic business plan could lead us to be in firefighting mode, where we seek out tactics to help grow our business without having a strategy to fall back on when things don’t work out well.

Never copy ideas from people when you don’t know the strategy behind the ideas.

You need a strategy first before tactics.

Join me in a one-on-one strategic action plan to map out your business for growth in 2018. This strategic planning one-on-one meeting is a two-hour live or online meeting where we will review your 2017 achievements, compare the result with your ambitions, and set a new goal for 2018.

We will cover business planning skills which include clarifying your visions, creating goals, and designing action plans. We will review your current revenue model and come up with a better revenue model that matches your ambitions with your unique business model.

If we have time, we will scan your business model, and I will show you how to create a digital marketing plan (mind you, I just recently learnt this in my master’s program, but I have already implemented it in my business). We will ensure that it matches your business vision, mission, strategy and goals. I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you.

At the end of the two-and-a-half-hour meeting, you will walk away with completed templates, worksheets and guides on how to continue growing your business.

The price for this one-on-one strategic action plan meeting is usually €750, but as a New Year gift, you’ll only pay €370.

This training is only available for a one-month period, starting on the 10th of January and ending on the 9th of February 2018. Go here to reserve your spot.

Book here to schedule your strategic planning session.


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