A Reminder to Review Your Current Year as We Enter A New Year

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As you prepare to enter the new year, ensure that you have reviewed the current year.


What are your ambitions? List out your visions, your mission, the value you want to add to people, the amount you want to generate as a result of the value you add to your customers, and the specific way you plan to make a difference in the society.


In reviewing your current year, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What specific goals did you expect to achieve in 2017?
  • Did you achieve your goals and did it bring you a step closer to your ambitions?
  • What are the three primary goals you intend to achieve in 2018 that will bring you closer to your ambition statement?
  • If you didn’t achieve your three major goals, what was the main reason for not reaching them?
  • Do you want to achieve them in 2018 or is it a worthless pursuit?


Set your three major goals in the following areas:

  • The value you want to bring to your customers,
  • The financial value you want to achieve as a result of the value you intend to deliver, and
  • The impact you want to make in others’ lives in 2018.

Feel free to set goals in different areas of your life and business.


Then, consider the things you may need to stop doing to help you through the path of progress in your life and business? I will share some examples of a few things that have worked for me so far.


Here is a list of things that I suggest you may need to stop doing as you enter the year 2018:

  • Don’t worry about people who don’t like you or don’t love what you do. Focus on finding the right people that will support you and help you grow.
  • Don’t let a hate comment from a few people stop you from making progress.
  • Don’t stay in a circle of people that tend to bring you down and ensure you stay at their average level or below.
  • Stop forcing your products or services on people who are not your ideal customers. It may cause you to lose friends unnecessarily and it’s a waste of your time.
  • Don’t cry over people who have chosen not to stay friends with you. They may have a good reason, and it may be for your good.
  • Don’t allow envy to take root in your heart. It will slow you down.
  • Don’t let bitterness become a habit.
  • Don’t try to be like others who are seemingly progressing because you may miss your path.
  • Don’t connect and stay friends with people who are going nowhere unless they are willing to allow you to show them the way. They won’t let you move forward. Trust me on this.
  • Don’t try to prove to anyone that you can be successful. Show them.
  • Don’t allow anyone to control your mind; not even your best coach. You may neglect your vision in the process.

Again, feel free to come up with your list.


In 2018, I wish you more wisdom and perfect knowledge to know the things to do and what not to do. Therein lies prosperity.


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