Hello and Welcome! I’m Ebere Akadiri. I’m a leader and an entrepreneur and my years of experience at each has taught me that success and change starts with your gifts. Your talents are your tools — and figuring out what they are and how to use them is what changes EVERYTHING, in your life and in our world.

Formerly, I had two restaurants and a catering operation that employed over 56 men and women. After I relocated to the Netherlands, I brought the vibrancy and taste of my culture with me to offer cooking workshops and package my signature spice blends, called Ataro Spices.

Over the years, I’ve brought several products and ideas to the market, opened three businesses locally and internationally and always ready to pass on my knowledge and experience to help others rise.

What all of this means is that I’m an accomplished entrepreneur with a solid track record of leadership, brand building and food business development.

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I recently published a cookbook to help support the fight against trafficking in Nigeria through my volunteer work with Beauty In Every Life Foundation.

My book, “Vibrant West African Cuisine” can be found here. 

My signature spice blend, Ataro Spices, can be found in shops and online.

I publish food-related articles on Vibrant Living Recipes <link>

I publish entrepreneurship and leadership articles here.

I published a book on how to choose business ideas here

Official BIO

Ebere Akadiri, founder of Ataro Marketplace, helping entrepreneurs develop sustainable businesses and business professionals gain the courage to rise and take the lead in the workplace and marketplace. Ebere Akadiri is an accomplished Food Entrepreneur, Visionary Business Developer, Women In Leadership advocate, writer and keynote speaker. She is a change maker and champion for inclusion and diversity.

Mrs Akadiri trains and mentors entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders in 1:1 engagements and in group programs. She is also the visionary behind the Ideas-To-Income Strategies + Mastermind and the annual Rise and Lead Summit, which promotes the empowerment of women for leadership and impact.

She holds a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University in the Netherlands, where she took a keen interest in women leadership, organisational culture and change management, and digital marketing. She is passionate about business development, leadership development, and sales.

Mrs Akadiri founded two restaurants and a catering operation that employed over 56 people and also founded Ataro Food and Spices, a premier West African food brand that promotes West African cuisine and culture in the Netherlands. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and conferences in the Netherlands, Nigeria, the UK and USA. She’s a thought-leader who writes about her personal stories on leadership, entrepreneurship, self-worth, and revenue strategies.

She is married with five children and loves to connect people through events.

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