About Ebere


An entrepreneur, business strategy advisor and an advocate for women in leadership. 

Ebere is an impact-driven entrepreneur, founder of Rise and Lead Women and Host of Rise To Leadership Podcast who’s passionate about using her platform and knowledge to inspire and help women to lead a successful career and business.

My Story


I was 7 months pregnant when I lost my corporate job. I immediately started a business – a female clothing boutique – which failed within 6 months due to my lack of business and leadership skills. Instead of giving up, I decided to learn how to build a business – because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Applying my learned skills to the clothing business, it became successful, and I recovered all my losses within 6 months. Remembering my childhood dream of owning a restaurant, I launched my first restaurant business. This grew into a multi-branch company with 2 locations and 7 sales outlets with a large catering branch, employing over 56 team members and over 20 external suppliers and consultants.

My restaurant business became successful and continued growing until I relocated to the Netherlands with my family in 2013. 

Arriving in a new country with a different culture, different language, zero networks, and not knowing where to start,  and almost on the verge of depression,  I embarked on a spiritual journey to rediscover myself – my values, visions, and purpose. In the process, I heard the inner voice that says “teach what you know”. I reinvented myself, recognised my leadership potential, and launched a new business while taking care of my 5 children. I restarted my career from scratch. Refusing to give up on my dream, I launched a food business where I packaged spices and offered cooking classes. 

Unable to find a network that supports ambitious women in business with the right level of resources, events and community, I created the Rise and Lead Summit in 2018.

Rise and Lead Women Forum started as a women empowerment brand but has now expanded to create events and programs that drive diversity and inclusion in workplaces and the marketplace. 

Rise and Lead Women provides a platform where women learn strategies from established leaders and role models to elevate their careers and lead successful companies. Rise and Lead Women hosts several events each year and have built a community of ambitious women, a business podcast, and a media platform. 

I’m highly result-oriented and believe that partnerships and collaborations will help us achieve our business goals. I’m driven to help others achieve their goals, and so I’m using my platform to share knowledge and resources to help women start and build successful businesses and careers.

I would love to hear from you.

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

Organizing a yearly women’s leadership event, called ‘Rise & Lead Summit: Leadership. Inclusion. Equity.’ The date is September 22 – 24 2021.

Consulting for organizations on leadership development and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. And mentoring women small business owners on business growth strategies.


Leading the Founder Table Club for high potential female entrepreneurs.