Ebere Akadiri

Founder, Social Entrepreneur and Visionary Leader

You are a visionary business leader!


When you leverage your God-given talents and gifts to create social change, add value to others and gain financial independence by so doing, you are a visionary entrepreneur.
When you have a vision of a better future and are committed to making a difference through your business, you are a visionary entrepreneur.

When you rise up to solve societal problems without waiting for someone else to take the lead, you are a visionary leader.

When you constantly challenge the status quo, and do things differently without trying to fit into everyone’s box, you are a visionary leader.

A Visionary Entrepreneur understands that expanding their business equals multiplying her revenue and impact.

A Visionary Entrepreneur understands leverage and knows when to partner with others to achieve their goals. And also knows when to walk alone.

Because expanding a business doesn’t have to become more work, the Visionary Entrepreneur knows where to focus on – strategic work.

When you focus on making social changes and thereby create a living in so doing, you are a visionary business leader.


Every one of us has the potential to become a visionary leader.


We can commit to embrace our call to lead. We can choose to focus our attention on meaningful work – the one that helps to solve societal problems and is based on our passion and our inner strengths. Because you can achieve whatever you know you’ve been gifted to do…

That’s exactly what I have been called to do.


I’m a visionary business leadership mentor and a food entrepreneur. I help corporate executives to align their visions and missions with a culture of innovation and service, and to clearly communicate the culture throughout the organization.


I also help female entrepreneurs and professionals to activate their leadership and grow their businesses and influence.


I’ve provided leadership development training to female entrepreneurs and professionals in workshops and Mastermind engagements.


I lead a small 10-month Mastermind project each year with founders, creatives, trainers and entrepreneurs who want to become more visible and lead with their visions.


I show you how to articulate your values, craft your visions and activate your leadership. I believe in strategic leadership for business and personal growth. Whether you are hosting a live or online event as a sales strategy, or creating content for your podcast or blog and want sponsors and strategic partners, or you simply want to learn how to put together a business event, I will show you how to find the right partners and how to approach them. I do that by offering sales and business strategy while also holding you accountable and supporting you through the implementation process.

A Little More about My Background and Body of Work

  • Each week I publish a blog called “Embrace Your Calling”. You can find it here. I’m also writing a book on the same topic.
  • I’ve designed all my company marketing campaigns including emails, website content and social media updates. I enjoy writing sales pages because when you have a system, writing becomes very easy.
  • I’m happily raising 5 kids (3 boys and 2 girls) with my husband.
  • I’m a possibility thinker, and I’m highly driven by my vision of a better future.
  • I love hosting parties and creative events and love seeing my guests happy at the end.
  • I have faith in God.

Professional Bio

  • I’m an entrepreneur, strategist, business educator, mentor and women’s leadership advocate.
  • Co-founder of Ataro Food Packaging and Distribution company and the founding chair of Beauty in Every Life Foundation.
  • I have opened and run two restaurants and catering operations in Nigeria before my relocation to The Netherlands.
  • I hold a B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology and a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University.
  • I consult and advise food business executives and founders on leadership and culture development strategies for their organisations.
  • I write and speak about entrepreneurship, leadership & culture development and West African Cuisine.
  • I excel at helping people select a perfect idea for a sustainable business, especially when it comes to choosing between multiple ideas, and I even wrote an e-book about it: “Launch Your Dream Business”.
  • I set a goal to introduce my West African cuisine to 10,000 people in the Netherlands and taught thousands how to cook Nigerian cuisine in the Netherlands. I wrote a cookbook about it: “Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook”.
  • I’m a two-time award recipient from Women’s Economic Forum and the Rotary Club
  • I share daily nuggets of wisdom through social media to inspire readers to embrace their calling and fulfil their dreams.
  • I have spoken at various summits and events, including SPARK Women’s Summit, Women’s Economic Forum, Shell Outpost Events, Redeemed Church and my own events.

Here’s What I’m Currently Working On

  • Co-organising a yearly women’s leadership event called Rise & Lead Women Summit: Scaling Up Through Partnerships and visibility. The date is September 27th, 2018.
  • Developing a leadership development mastermind called Rising Leaders Circle for Rise and Lead Women. The official launch is October 2018.
  • Consulting for food and retail businesses on business and culture development.
  • 90 minutes strategy design where we focus on your vision, values and mission crafting for socially-driven entrepreneurs.
  • 3-day virtual planning workshop called Visionary Business Bootcamp. The next event takes place in October 2018.

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Thanks for reading this far. Let’s go and make a difference.


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