About Ebere

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Ebere Akadiri is a business and leadership development strategist, digital marketing strategist and event producer — an established business leader with more than 20 years of business experience. She is the founder of the Rise and Lead Women initiative, an organization focused on empowering women for leadership and impact, whose mission is to promote the leadership and financial inclusion of women in the workplace and marketplace. To that effect, she equips emerging leaders by providing leadership events, masterclasses and mentoring circles.

She is passionate about content marketing and event creation. She is a marketing strategist to major organizations.

Mrs Akadiri consults for impact organizations, senior industry executives and business owners regarding business development strategies, thought leadership, digital marketing and gender leadership inclusion.

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Her expertise includes event planning and facilitation, women leadership development, entrepreneurship, small business consulting and digital marketing for online educators and e-commerce retailers.


She has organized several leadership events and keynoted many events for organizations as diverse as Royal Dutch Shell, Elsevier, Webster University, Rise and Lead Summit, Coca Cola, UPS, Salesforce and many more.


She believes that when women in business rise, their families and communities also rise, and society gains. As she says:


“Entrepreneurship has a role to play in innovation, unlocking potential, and solving the world’s most pressing issues.”

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She is a Board member of the BIEL (Beauty in Every Life) Foundation, an organization set up in the Netherlands and Nigeria to improve the quality of life for women and children by unleashing their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.


Ebere is also the founder of Ataro Foods and Ataro Marketplace, a West African food brand that seeks to tackle the problem of Food Security in Africa by bringing together consumers and impact makers in the Food and Agriculture ecosystem.

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Ebere Akadiri’s Online Media and Marketing Agency, eComms.Media consults directly with companies ready to generate more income in their businesses with digital marketing strategies and virtual events. Her education divisions provide courses, new business models, and a weekly plan to help small business owners focus on bringing in cash.


Ebere has advised small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in diverse industries — including tech, manufacturing, retail, education, dealer-distributors and consulting firms in leveraging their expertise and business intangible assets to grow their business, leadership and impact.

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