Finding Meaning Beyond A Job Loss


“Rejection, loss of a job or disappointment don’t define you. Never question your worth whenever you experience any form of setback. It may be that there is a deeper purpose beckoning you to step forward and upward”.I still remember a few years ago, when I lost my corporate job. It was in 1997 and I was 7 months pregnant. Do you know how it feels to experience a loss of job when you are 7 months pregnant, knowing that no other company will hire you in that state?

After I lost my job, I started my first business when my first daughter was 3 months old because I just couldn’t stay idle. Of course, my first business failed, and my second business failed as well, until I learned the principles and skills of entrepreneurship. Several years later, I took out a bank loan and scaled my restaurant business. Now, the rest is history.

If you are facing any form of rejection or even a job loss, don’t give up. There are other ways to gain financial freedom.


From A CEO To A Cooking Class Tutor: Overcoming Setbacks.


In 2013, I relocated to the Netherlands on a job-related assignment. I packed up my bags and followed my husband and children. Finding myself in a new country without knowing where to begin, I felt totally lost and almost went into a state of depression. I prayed for several nights and days, I meditated on the word of God, and then suddenly, I could hear my inner voice asking me to “teach what you know”. I couldn’t ignore that voice because it persisted. I then decided to volunteer at my children’s school to teach Nigerian culture, and then I went ahead to teach Nigerian cooking classes to the kids, which later extended to classes for the moms. After a famous blogger, Ashkan, blogged about my cooking classes, I launched it to the general public. Within two years, I had introduced West African cuisine to over 10,000 people, and conducted more than 100 cooking workshops with individuals and teams. I held team building workshops for companies like, Shell, Maersk, EPO, Total, NACB, and Connecting Women, to mention but a few.

In 2016, I went back to school to study my Masters degree in Management and Leadership. During that period, I felt a pull to move into teaching entrepreneurial leadership to founders and executives, using my learned skills and 20 years of experience.

Now, I teach entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and teams on business success systems, becoming more productive, leading a team and becoming a boss. I do this through the Entrepreneurial Leadership School. Learn more about the Entrepreneurial Leadership School..


I believe that every setback is a set up for a miracle.


Although I had been running a successful business back in Nigeria, it was scary to start a new business in a new country. First, the Netherlands have a different culture, language and different food. I attended a lot of networking meetings and entrepreneurship incubators to build up my confidence to start allover again. I eventually launched Ataro Foods, a premiere West African Food brand in the Netherlands. On hearing that someone thought Nigerians had no food and depended on Western Aid fuelled my passion to prove the person wrong. Today Ataro packages Nigerian Spices, Frozen Nigerian Pies, ready-to eat Nigerian Packaged Jollof Riceand pepper Sauce and teaches Nigerian culture and cooking to foreigners in Europe. You can order Ataro products online here.


Supporting a Good Cause.


Just before I retired my cooking workshop, I created a signature brand of West African Spice blends, called Ataro Spices, which sell online. I also created the Vibrant West African Video Cooking Class and Cookbook. 100% of the proceeds from the cookbook go to Beauty In Every Life Foundation, an organisation I co-founded to help unleash the endless potential of women and children and prevent human trafficking in Nigeria. You can support my cause by ordering the cookbook or the video cooking course.

Check Out the cooking course and the cookbook.


Speaking For A living.


Long before I started speaking on large stages, a friend of mine told me I should be speaking for a living. I enjoy teaching and inspiring large audiences.

I have been speaking locally and internationally since 2009. I have presented lectures at Webster University, Shell, Schlumberger, spiritual gatherings, women organisations, among many others.I have appeared as an expert on podcasts, radio and prints in the US, UK, the Netherlands and Nigeria,

I love sharing life lessons, business building secrets and goal execution strategies and entrepreneurial leadership mastery on my social media and blog.You can find me cooking on Ataro Instagram and FB Pages, sharing leadership lessons on LinkedIn, or sharing life lessons on my FB page.

To hire me to speak at you next event or workshop, learn more here.Feel free to invite me to speak on your podcast.


My Ideas to Impact Tipping Point


Let me help you find the clarity and confidence you need to build a successful business.When I started out on the path to starting a business, I experienced two business failures. I had no business skills, so my first business didn’t make it to the market, and my second business closed up after 6 months. Attending a 3-day entrepreneurial bootcamp helped me to re-launch the same business and grow my business. Since then, I have been documenting what I learned along the way, and I would like to share it with you.

I have included all my 20 years of experience in business, several trainings and work with mentors, and I packaged that into a course. It is called, the Ideas to Income Bootcamp. It’s an 8-week online course that helps you gain the confidence and tools you need to build a profitable and sustainable business.

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Become A Rising Leader (name- email address)

With the understanding that I can use my experience, knowledge and wisdom, to drive change and make an impact in society, I launched the Rise and Lead Women.

The Rise and Lead women is a platform that brings together luminaries, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers to connect and engage in real conversations aimed at advancing the leadership and financial inclusion of women in the workplace and marketplace. At Rise and Lead women, we support women and organisations to grow a balanced and sustainable business for a more equitable and prosperous world.

Learn more and join our upcoming events.


Let’s Stay Connected


It is my desire, should you accept, to support you or your organisation, every step of the way on your path to personal and business growth. Let’s start with your personal growth. I have a free guide that will help you understand the 5 steps to personal growth. This guide will help you step out of your comfort zone, break free from your inner blocks and unleash your highest potential.



My official bio

Official BIO

Ebere is an internationally recognised entrepreneur, educator and a visionary leader. She has spent over 20 years creating and launching successful businesses, teaching entrepreneurial concepts, and mentoring purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Ebere Akadiri is the founder/CEO of Ataro Foods and Rise and Lead Women. After starting her career at a multinational company, Schlumberger Oilfield Service, she went on to launch her dream business – a successful restaurant –with two locations, five sales outlets and 56 team members. Just Relish, her restaurant, served over 700 customers per day and also offered large catering operations to corporations, individuals and groups.

In 2013, Ebere relocated to the Netherlands with her family and, within a year, re-started her entrepreneurial journey by launching a food and spice packaging company, called Ataro Food and Spices.

Ebere has a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership. Her education, combined with her years of success as a business owner, helps her to teach business leaders to create strong visions of growth for themselves and their companies. Known for a methodology she developed over the years, called the “Entrepreneurial Leadership Blueprint”, she helps entrepreneurs and business owners focus on how to execute and achieve their life and business goals.

She is passionate about leadership development with a strong focus on women leadership, entrepreneurial leadership, digital transformation, and business strategy..

She strongly believes that her mission is to touch people’s lives to unleash their beauty and potential!

You can contact Ebere here.


Thank you for reading this far. I hope my blogs, free guides and digital courses will help you to get the clarity you seek to align your business with your calling.