About Ebere


An entrepreneur, business strategy advisor and an advocate for women in leadership. 

Ebere is an impact-driven entrepreneur, founder of Rise and Lead Women and Host of Rise To Leadership Podcast who’s passionate about using her platform and knowledge to inspire and help women to lead a successful career and business.

My Story


I launched my first business, a female clothing retail company, in 2008. My second business was a restaurant with multi branches, employing over 56 staff members. In 2013, I left my restaurant business behind and moved to the Netherlands with my family as a trailing spouse, which made me experience a break in my career and almost led me into depression.

Trying to start all over again and unable to find a network that supports ambitious women in business with the right level of resources, events and community, I created the Rise and Lead Summit in 2018.

The Rise and Lead Women brand now has a strong national and international brand presence, with a large community of diverse women and men in Europe and Africa, hosting over 20 events every year. In addition, we partner with major global brands, such as UPS, to co-create educational events and programs for female entrepreneurs and professional women.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of interviewing dozens of influential leaders and corporate executives from major global organisations, learning what has helped them climb the leadership ladder.

And now, I pay it forward to women in business, entrepreneurs and startups who are ready to rise and lead their career and business.

There are three things I’m most passionate about:

  1. Hosting events that connect leaders from diverse backgrounds, facilitating strategic relationships and partnerships.
  2. Sharing knowledge and creating experiences that help people achieve their goals.
  3. Driving inclusion and equity.

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

BIEL Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Beauty in Every life foundation hosts its first entrepreneurship Bootcamp in July.

Rise and Lead Summit

Brings together…

Rise To Leadership program

October 18 – November 25, 2021.

Official Bio


Ebere Akadiri is an entrepreneur, educator, Leadership Strategist and founder of Rise and Lead Women, a platform that connects women to the resources, education and mentorship they need to advance their careers to top leadership. She is also the host of Rise To Leadership Podcast and Founders Table Talk.

Drawing on decades of business and leadership experience, Ebere teaches women how to know their value, show up confidently, advocate for themselves and lead successful businesses. She has made it her mission to inspire leaders to make workplaces more equitable and inclusive. She advises Fortune 500 companies on building inclusive cultures that attract and advance diverse talent.

Formally, a multi-branch restaurant owner and founder of a spice packaging company, Ebere believes in collaborations, facilitating connections and leading through generosity. She gives back through the BIEL Foundation, helping young women and youths from ethnic minority unleash their leadership potential.

She has spoken at Webster University, Kraft Heinz, Unilever, UPS, and the United Nations. In addition, Ebere has been featured on numerous media outlets and podcasts like Silicon Canal, The Dutch News, The Hague FM, Holland Times and The Hague Online.