Hi, I’m Ebere Akadiri.

I believe that creating and communicating a clear purpose and vision is important for every leader.

If you can articulate your business purpose clearly, it will motivate you and compel you to start and finish strong.

For a business to be sustainable, you need to be committed to a compelling vision. This vision will give you and your team the energy and passion for moving forward even in the face of resistance. Communicating your vision inspires action.

Visionary leadership and the ability to craft a clear message to communicate your vision and market your brand is my calling, and that’s what I want to help you to achieve.

Here are different ways I use my gifts:

I speak and work with multi-branch food executives to increase their bottom line and create an inclusive culture where women are given the same opportunity as their male counterparts.

I help entrepreneurs build high-growth and sustainable businesses that generate consistent revenue online and offline.  Join my inner circle here.

I’m the founder of Ataro Food brand and the creator of Rise and Lead Summit.

You can find me on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Let’s stay connected.

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Official BIO

Ebere is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, educator and a visionary Leader.  She has spent over 20 years creating and launching successful businesses, teaching entrepreneurial concepts and mentoring purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Ebere Akadiri is the founder/CEO of Ataro Foods and Rise and Lead Women. After starting her career at a multi-national company, Schlumberger Oilfield Service, she went on to launch her dream business, a successful restaurant with two locations, five sales outlets and 56 team members.  Just Relish, her restaurant, served over 700 customers per day and also offered large catering operations to corporations, individuals and groups.

In 2013, Ebere relocated to the Netherlands with her family and within a year re-started her entrepreneurial journey by launching a food and spice packaging company, called Ataro Food and Spices.

Ebere is the founder and CEO of Rise and Lead Women and the author of Launch Your Dream Business: How to Choose the Perfect Idea for Your Business.

She is also the lead facilitator at the Rise and Lead Women Leadership program: WebMentoring Masterclass Series with Poonam Barua, CEO of WILL Forum.

Ebere has a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership. Her education combined with her years of success as a business owner help her teach business leaders to create strong visions of growth for themselves and their companies.  Known for a methodology she developed over the years called the “Step-Ladder Strategy”, she helps entrepreneurs and business owners focus and execute to achieve their goals.

She is passionate about leadership development with a strong focus on women in leadership, entrepreneurial leadership, brand messaging and purpose-driven leadership.

She strongly believes her mission is to touch people’s lives to unleash their beauty and potential!