Ebere Akadiri

CEO, Ataro Group

Founder, Rise & Lead Women & Eby & Co

Ebere Akadiri is a successful Entrepreneur, keynote speaker and women leadership expert who believes leadership is most effective when representing the organisation or community it serves.
Through Ataro Consulting, Ebere collaborates with executive leaders and brings fresh and unbiased perspectives and awareness to programs and initiatives that help to elevate women and underrepresented communities in Europe.
She brings her 25 years of experience building and managing complex and successful businesses into corporate organisations and small businesses.
To date, Ebere has mentored and created mentorship initiatives to support more than 1,000 women and minorities. She has also developed mentorship programs for well-known fortune 500 organisations and government enterprises such as Kraft Heinz Continental Europe, ILead Mentorship, Rise & Lead Women, and Wisdom for Women International. She’s passionate about strategic connections through events. She has designed, developed and managed high-level events for organisations like United Nations, OFLAD, UPS Europe, Saipem Contracting, Rise & Lead Summit & Award, amongst others.

Here’s what I believe

With the proper support, mentorship and mindset, women can rise and lead in workplaces and the marketplace.


  • Rise & lead Women
  • Iconic Leaders Podcast
  • Ataro Consulting

My Story

I’m Ebere Akadiri, a business leader and consultant with experience in entrepreneurship, corporate and non-profit sectors. Over the past 22 years, I have developed 2 successful businesses, created a global platform for women and organisations and helped several women achieve their dreams.

In each of these positions, I have gained enormous leadership experience and insight. As a business woman, I had two restaurants and a catering operation that employed over 56 employees and served an average of 1,400 custsomers per day. Restaurant and catering are both lucrative in nature. In trying to expand my business, I was forced to grow my leadership capacity and learned skills that helped me to navigate the complexity and challenges associated with running a restaurant business and managing a large team. I had a vision to expand my restaurant business to 10 additional locations within 3 years. That vision was cut short when I had to follow my husband on an international assignment to the Netherlands. After I relocated to the Netherlands, I brought the vibrancy and taste of my culture with me to offer cooking workshops and package my signature spice blends, called Ataro Foods & Spices. 

At the same time, I was searching for networks and conferences that were having conversations around ambition and women’s leadership. Not able to find converstions that encourage women to be more ambitious and rise, I launched the Rise and Lead Summit to connect corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers to share progressive ideas that inspire and encourage women leadership. 5 years later, the event-based initiative became a non-profit called Rise and Lead Women, connecting and supporting women in Europe and corporate organizations through leadership masterclasses, leadership podcasts, mentorship programs and Summits. The Rise and lead Women organization now has a branch in Africa with a plan to expand into other regions. 

Everyday, I encounter situations that remind me that being a mother of 5 children (most of them now adults) has prepared me to lead.

My years of experience at entrepreneurial, non-profit and corporate consultant positions have taught me that everyone has the potential to lead and make an impact.

In 2020, I set out to interview top women leaders in my community. I was curious and wanted to know what prepared them to lead. Is it their mindset, education, upbringing or external support? Through that interview, I launched a podcast to speak to more women outside my community. I interviewed influential leaders such as Hanneke Faber (the global president of Unilever Foods and Refreshments), Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen (Global chair on the Board, Aon Holding), as well as CEOs from Fortune 500 companies and several other senior female executives.

I’m currently writing a book to share the insights I gained from my research, my personal experience as a leader and from designing leadership programs for several organizations.  

This book will equip women with a 12-step career strategy framework to help them rise.

My core strengths are problem-solving, connecting people, Strategy and Planning, and designing change programs and events. To learn more about me and how I can support you or your team, Click here. (link to my booking page)

My work is based on:

  • My over 23 years of experience building and leading a successful multi-branch restaurant and food business brand. 
  • My education as a management and leadership consultant and later building an international platform that connects leaders and empowers women.
  • Years of experience partnering and designing corporate and non-profit events and program curriculum
  • Training and mentoring women and interviewing several Fortune 500 corporate executives and leaders.

Corporate Consulting

In her consulting role, Ebere has worked with clients from the Fortune 500 to small businesses and brings a strong ability to solve problems and improve results. Some of Ebere’s favourite client engagements include:

✔ Designing and implementing corporate DEI Strategy and Initiatives
✔ Delivering Women’s leadership development programs
✔ Facilitating team-building retreats with senior executives
✔ Planning and implementing corporate/team events to launch new ERG initiatives,
✔ Evaluating and redesigning an effective corporate mentorship program,
✔ Mentoring entrepreneurs 

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