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Founder, social entrepreneur and Visionary Leader

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My name is Ebere Akadiri


I’m an entrepreneur, podcast and TV host, and community builder. I’m the founder of Rise and Lead, an education and leadership organisation that seeks to close the gender leadership gap through mentorships, events and advocacy. I’m also the founder and CEO of  Table Talk, a business development podcast, plus a community of small business owners.


I’m a VIVA 400 nominee. Rise and Lead Summit has been named by the attendees as the best female leadership conference in the Netherlands. I’ve spoken at Elsevier, Webster University, Rotary International Conference, and many others.


I love hosting parties, cooking and serving close friends in my home. My self-care tips include watching Netflix, trading business and leadership books, walking in the woods, and cooking for my family.


I’m passionate about helping others to dream more and achieve more. I studied food science and technology and hold a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership. I’m a former restaurant owner of a production with 2 major locations and seven sales outlets, managing over 56 team members. I relocated to the Netherlands with my family in 2013 and have built 3 businesses since my move.


If your company is as committed to helping women in business succeed as I am, I’d love to talk about partnering with your brand. We can customise our partnership to include featuring your brand on our TV show and podcast, within our community through newsletters and content, and through our social media channels. Click here to find out more.

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Ebere Akadiri is a business leader and Social Entrepreneur. Through her business advisory services, she helps business leaders and entrepreneurs perform at their best and grow thriving businesses.

From marketing communication, to leadership or finding the best ideas, Ebere has inspired many entrepreneurs to stop minimising their impact and start sharing their message to a larger audience.

She also works with companies, education bodies, policy makers, social enterprises and non-profits, to design an innovative curriculum and training programs for their start-up, entrepreneurship and leadership development programs.

Contact Ebere to learn more.

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Check out my books!

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Launch Your Dream Business

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Vibrant West African Cuisine

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