About Me


I have been in business for the past 20 years. First, I owned a female clothing retail shop. Then I opened up a restaurant which expanded into a 2-location, 5-sales outlet, industrial catering and commercial bakery, within 3 years. I employed over 56 staff and my company was the preferred food supplier to all the major oil companies in my city, including Shell, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Oiltest, Polo Club, banks and hotels, to mention but a few.

I embraced entrepreneurship immediately after I lost my job while I was 7 months pregnant.Since that time, I have known business failures, disappointments, rejections and business success and growth.

I know first-hand that experience is a great teacher.I believe I’m called to teach what I know, and I answer this call by sharing my knowledge with entrepreneurs and leaders.

It is my mission to help you understand your purpose and build a business in alignment with your calling, so you can unleash your inner beauty and impact the world with your gifts.There are many ways I can help you – no matter where you are in life and business.

You can start by reading my e-book on “Launch Your dream business”. In it, I share my proven strategies for getting clear on your idea, your ideal customers, and creating the right message to attract them. With the right business model, you can quickly make profits in your business.


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Here are different ways I use my gifts:

-I speak and work with multi-branch food business executives to increase their bottom line and create an inclusive culture, where women are given the same opportunity as their male counterparts.

-I help entrepreneurs build high-growth and sustainable businesses that generate consistent revenue online and offline.

-I work with organisations and impact hubs in Europe and Africa to promote female entrepreneurship.

-I’m the founder of Ataro Food brand and the creator of Rise and Lead Women