5 Ways Women Are Set for Success in The Workplace

It’s a sad fact of American life that, even in 2019, women may still suffer from workplace discrimination. There are many economists, social scientists, and other smart people to write about these issues intelligently. For our part, we want to give our thanks to the women in workplaces around the world. It’s their amazing work,[…]

Six Ways to Overcome Your Lack of Confidence and Speak Up

“Confidence helps us to stand tall, take risks, think outside the box and helps us not to settle for less than we deserve.” – Carol Sanker, “Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership”. Most women lack confidence, especially more than men. Many factors contribute to this, including fear of rejection, feelings of inadequacy, childhood trauma and lack[…]


Over the decades the role of women has changed a lot.  Women are making a greater impact on business and rising up as formidable entrepreneurs.  Yet, starting, growing, or, up scaling a business or entrepreneurial venture is still a daunting task.  Going at it alone is even scarier, as the lack in skills, knowledge, experience[…]

Multiple Idea Paralysis: What It Is and How to Conquer It

When trying to start a business from the ground up, you probably find yourself constantly thinking of new ideas. While it’s great that you have many ideas to choose from, this often leads to what I call “multiple idea paralysis.” Does this sound familiar? You have a lot of great ideas that you want to[…]

A New Year Gift for You

During the Christmas, I promised my kids that I would bake cakes for them and something went wrong. I had planned to bake three different types of cakes, but when I started baking, I realised that I forgot to buy one of the major ingredients- margarine. I ended up baking only one chocolate cake. The[…]