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Inclusion benefits everyone. For any organisation to thrive in today’s business ecosystem, it needs an inclusive workforce and leaders at every level to better serve its clients.

Many companies recognise the need for a diverse workforce and have set up several initiatives, including investing in bias training. Yet, progress is relatively slow. Women still hold less than (29%) of senior roles globally.

 For internal programs and initiatives to deliver measurable and tangible results, corporate leaders must get involved in the DEI strategy and make it a part of the KPI for managers.

 Ebere brings insights and external perspectives from various studies and from hosting several summits, panel discussions, and roundtables with corporate executives from major global organisations. She provides DEI strategy consulting that produces measurable results.

 In a half or one-day workshop facilitated by Ebere and other experts, leaders are inspired to reflect on their current practices and behaviour, rethink their current ways of doing things, and adopt creative strategies to make their organisations more inclusive.

 To support leaders in creating a DEI strategy that fits their unique needs, we adopt the below format:


1. Learn: How diversity benefits everyone

2. Clarity: Is your culture inclusive?

3. Strategy: Design change initiatives

4. Action: Make a plan, measure and repeat


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