Half Day Strategic Action Planning Session with Me to Grow Your Business in 2018


When I started my first restaurant, everything went so smooth because I learnt from my mistakes in running a female clothing retail shop. My revenue was quite impressive, and I was only managing 18 employees.


Then I decided to open a second branch of my restaurant in the same city hoping to double my revenue. What I saw in my financial records surprised me. Our combined income was below the total revenue we formally made in one branch. I was disappointed, but I didn’t close the second shop. Instead, I hired a strategy coach, and also enrolled in a one-year leadership development program. There I realise where the problem came from.


I had NO documented system that could have been replicated in the new location; I had NO documented growth plan and long-term vision. I had NO detailed step-by-step action plan to help me with delegation process. After learning this method, It took me a whole three months to re-examine my process, craft my five-year visions and create systems processes and action items before my business got back to our revenue goal.


I was only able to achieve this by using a template called strategic business blueprint.


Having used the same blueprint to open and run three businesses, I have gotten better at it. The more I designed each blueprint, the better I got! Eventually, I learned. As often as I hear the voice in my head that tells me to “teach what I know’ to other, that’s the first thing I want to teach. Because learning how to craft a detailed strategic business blueprint will save you a tonne of time, energy, and money when you master the process.


Today, when I hear friends or clients complain about being stuck or remaining in the same level year after year, I understand their pains, and I understand the problem


If you are at that level where your business is not experiencing any growth, I want to help you. I want to give you the same processes, templates and tools to help you to design your business growth plan with implementable action steps so you can make incremental progress from where you are now to where you desire to be.


You will learn how to focus on the big picture element of your business growth and know what to delegate to others. You are better equipped to hire a team and hold them accountable to deliver results.


Designing a strategic plan for any business is where I shine. And it starts with assessing your current situation and coming up with your desired outcome.


We will then work together to craft objectives that can help close the gap between where your business is at now and where you want it to be. And finally, we will create tactics and action steps that you require to get there based on your chosen revenue model.


It was through creating my strategic blueprint that I learnt to handle multiple projects plus take care of my family. Therefore, it will serve as a tool to help you with your time management.


What could be simpler?


You will have a bird’s eye view over your business, and you will be able to take control of your future growth that matches your lifestyle vision and goals.

Learn to design and craft your strategic business blueprint.

Check this out… click here


Create your strategic business blueprint with my guidance today.


I can only work with ten persons starting January 27 untill the end of February. Choose a day and time that suits your schedule. You can also choose to work face to face with me in The Hague, or we meet via zoom.


We will meet for four hours with a 30 minutes lunch break. And the price for this meeting is €1000 but today you pay €500.


Go here and reserve your spot today!


Never give up on YOUR dreams!

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