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I always compare any business to building a house. Before you build a house, you need to have an image of the finished product. Therefore, you need a design which details all the links and connections and, most importantly, the type of foundation required for the house you intend to build. In the same way, you need an image of your business as a finished product. When you see the design of the finished product, you will have a clear picture of what your business will look like when fully developed.

I often see people jump into business with no real design that details their vision, their strategy and the unique processes or systems and activities that will drive the success of the business. I think of these people whenever I hear the words “stuck”, “not doing well” or “not growing”. One of the major reasons, outside of mindset, is the lack of a clear business design that embodies the owner’s vision and exact strategies required for that particular type of business. It’s usually all about trial and error with no business growth plans and strategies. In the worst case, most people attend every workshop, apply every strategy they see others use; not knowing that what works for one person may not work for another.

When you know the level and type of business to develop, you will also understand the right actions to take in order to inspire people to come to you. 

Having opened and grown three successful businesses, I want to share some knowledge and experience that helped me to achieve success. I still replicate this same process in my current business. One of my core values is to help others succeed by sharing my knowledge. I’m giving a free workshop to help people start or re-launch their business from ideas into the right actions, and from the right actions into recurrent revenue.

If you are someone who is always feeling stuck and not knowing the right direction to take to move your business forward, or you have too many ideas but don’t know the right action to take to kick-start your dream business, you will greatly benefit from this business foundation workshop. You may have attended tons of workshops but still don’t know the right way to implement all your knowledge because you may be unaware of the order in which you should apply each strategy. This can result in a lack of focus and subsequently, overwhelm you. You will articulate the vision of your business when fully built, the strategies that attract customers and deliver results, and the right activities to focus on as a business owner.

After the workshop, you will walk away with a strategic business design template – a complete step-by-step strategic action plan with an implementation timeline.

You will understand how to identify the best new ideas to develop into a business and a framework in which you can implement your unique ideas. You will also be able to establish your strategic business blueprint which shows you where the revenue is located and outline your personalized steps to growth.

It’s my wish that you start doing what you love, a business that serves your purpose, with peace of mind.


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