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Humility is an asset.

You often hear that people are not humble when they seem to brag about their achievements and successes. This means when people live in an expensive house, drive big cars or wear flashy dresses, they are not humble.

As a child, I learned about the subject of humility from a Biblical perspective. I only understood it in part and never really thought about humility with respect to leadership behavior or teamwork.

However, I’m often confused on where to draw the line between staying humble to the level of being disrespected or appearing foolish, and truly staying humble while affirming my contributions and achievements and owning my successes.

My friend, Ari, who has written dozens of leadership books, recently published a pamphlet on humility which helped me to clearly understand the difference. Ari’s pamphlet on humility opened my eyes to the importance of humility for leaders and how it can be applied in leading a successful team. You can check it out here.


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