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Are you planning a team workshop, social event, conference or business building incubator?

I speak on the topic of entrepreneurship, goal execution, growth mindset, brand messaging, visionary leadership, and closing the gender gap in the food industry.

My signature topic is:

“Lead With Vision”: 3 steps to activate growth in your life and career

I help business leaders create a compelling vision for their lives and businesses, as well as develop strategies that align their teams’ daily actions with their vision so they can focus on building a company that gives them fulfilment and peace of mind. This is a leadership training for high achievers and ambitious business leaders that helps you find meaning through your work and craft a clear and inspiring vision that drives your personal and business growth. I show the step-by-step process to turn vision into reality in your life and business.

Here are what we will cover:

• Purpose: Crafting your purpose-driven identity
• Vision: Creating a detailed strategy and execution plan that takes you from concept to reality
• Action: Draw up commitments, create new mindsets, and take daily steps towards your success

Here are places I have appeared:

Shell Outpost Netherlands
Rise and Lead Summit
Webster University
Launch 2018!
Women Business Initiative
Tandem Nomads, Podcast
Women Who Make Things happen TV

To hire me to speak at your next event, workshop, guestblog or podcast, contact me here:

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