Mentorship with Ebere

I:1 Strategy Session

Ebere works with entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers who need mentorship, guidance and advice as they create their businesses or platforms.

The result?

Your business operation has everything it needs to run smoothly, aka keep generating revenue even when you reduce your hours, scale, or choose to sell. 

Your business is well protected from time, money and energy leaks because it is clear and deliberate in its operation and processes, whether online, brick-and-mortar, consulting, e-commerce retail, or online education—you name it. 

Your back-end systems aren’t being neglected so that you can be accountable and profitable, not vulnerable and overstretched. 

Your marketing and sales attract the necessary demand at a level your operation is prepared to meet, generating stable revenue without burning out you or your team. 

This is the kind of business I’m here to guide you in planning. 

That wall does not have to stop you. 

Ready to Step back from the hustle and step up into leadership?



Hi, I’m Ebere Akadiri.

I created this group to share what I’ve learned over the past 22 years of starting, growing and scaling businesses. 

On my journey of starting a retail business, scaling a multiple-branch restaurant, launching an international spice packaging brand, publishing a book and consulting for founders and CEOS, I’ve frequently been advised that starting up in the industries I wanted to be in was too stressful to be worth it. 

Men and women founders alike told me how hard it was, how much money they lost, and how overwhelmed they felt by the day-to-day. 

I valued their insights. They helped me apply strategic solutions to ensure the problems they faced didn’t happen in my business. It’s not that I didn’t ever have failures. I had structures and a foundation to fall back on so that when a risk didn’t work out, I could get back up and keep growing steadily. Plus, I had the confidence in my systems to let go, so I wasn’t exhausting myself every time I wanted to scale. 

My insight? To succeed in business, you need to learn the busines development foundation. You need a mentor who has walked the path to guide you, you need to be a leader in your business instead of the technician,  and your business needs to generate sufficient cash flow.  I wasn’t a chef or a fashion designer; I was a businesswoman with a vision for restaurants, spices, boutiques and now an event and education brand. I had a certain distance from the technical profession involved, allowing me to let go and rely on others, which is what all entrepreneurs must do.

We can all give ourselves this kind of freedom and support, even when we are accustomed to being the main talent or the technician in our businesses. 

Instead of having our revenues drained by money and energy leaks, we can have systems that serve and protect our vision. 

In short, you can become your business’s leader for direction and growth.

This is what I want for us.