“Hustle-Free Strategy”

This mentoring program is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who are 100% committed to growing their business and leadership influence.

I help individuals and teams to create a compelling and inspiring vision, clarify their personal brand stories, and use their voices to create the changes they wish to see in the world. 

I do this through my 12-week long mentorship training, delivered either in a group, or through a one-on-one format.


In this exclusive one-on-one or group meeting, I guide you in:

  • Clarifying your visions, goals and priorities so that you become crystal clear on what to focus on in order to achieve the life or career you desire.

  • Creating a detailed strategic plan that helps you break your visions down into realistic and achievable goals.

  • Establishing an execution plan to break your goals down into daily and weekly actions that feel natural for you to accomplish quickly – this is the number one step in achieving your goals.

  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure all your weekly and monthly results, in order to help you confront realities and keep you focused on actions that produce results.

  • Uncovering the “little voices” that are holding you back from achieving your intentions, breaking through them, and developing new mindsets towards creating the life you dream of.

  • Learning the four disciplines you need to stay accountable for achieving your goals and visions. Draw up commitments, create new mindsets, and take daily actions towards your success – this is the secret to fulfilling your desires in life and business.

  • Creating a business model that positions your business in a way that attracts customers.

These strategic skills, along with your commitments and the other disciplines, will help you stay accountable, take daily actions on your plans, step away from your fears, make quick decisions, and reach your goals faster than you would achieve on your own. 


Contact us here to discuss how mentorship with me can help you to achieve your business and leadership success.