Trust creates bond, respect, acceptance, and harmony.

When you do not trust people, you are easily prejudiced against them. Everything they say sounds false to your hearing. Every work they do is first scrutinized. You will most likely not include them in important conversations. Put simply, lack of trust creates disharmony.

Trust helps you to see people as who they are and not who you wish them to be. Trust helps to cement relationships. Trust helps to form those partnerships. Trust is said to be earned, and rightly so.

However, when you are meeting people for the first time, what yardstick do you use to measure if they are worthy of your trust? How do people, especially the ones meeting you for the very first time, earn your trust? Do you define a set of standards or a ‘Trust Meter’ and wait until they pass your test? Or do you simply trust them until the day they fail your ‘Trust Meter’ test?

Whichever is the case, we need to start trusting more in a world that seems to distrust people based on the color of their skin, their religion, orientation, beliefs, or cultural differences.

Drawing in people helps you to see them and know them before you lay out any judgement.

This is what leadership is about. It’s about including everyone and not leaving anyone out. It’s about calling people in and not pushing them out when they don’t meet your ‘Trust Meter’ standards.

Trust creates harmony, love and an environment of belonging.

Cultural differences should not keep us apart. By the way, who defines what the best culture is anyway? Don’t get me started on this.

Acceptance and inclusion help us to create a peaceful and more harmonious world.

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