Women’s Leadership Development

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Studies have shown that women drop off as they climb the leadership ladder.

According to a McKinsey study for Lean In, although women make up 50% of entry-level corporate positions, they drop to 25% at the Executive level and only around 7% at the CEO level. The World Economic Forum states that it will take up to 130 years to achieve gender parity. This means that many women will never achieve their dreams of making the impact they desire. 

We help women gain the personal leadership skills and mindset they need to navigate their careers and confidently step into leadership roles and achieve their dreams.

Iconic Leaders

Join the bi-monthly virtual facilitated workshops led by Iconic Leaders to get the support and mentorship you need to navigate your career. Topics are based on members’ demands and focused on leadership challenges, women’s health, financial investment, career reinvention, strategic relationships, and mindsets. 

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