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Ebere has three options available to help you build your business or develop your publishing project. Choose which one best fits your current needs.

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You will benefit from learning resources, marketing strategies and campaigns through a variety of media channels and blogs.

To receive Ideas to Internet Income strategies, small business guides and online tools designed for educators, e-commerce traders, consultants and thought leaders, sign up for the free Ideas2Internet Income Strategy series.

To learn more about selling more educational online courses and e-commerce digital marketing strategies for your physical products via joint venture partnerships, get Ebere’s popular report here.

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If you are ready to take a speedier route to build a lucrative business online and start generating revenue quickly and engaging partners, here are a few ways:


One-On-One Consulting.

Ebere regularly consults via Zoom meetings to small businesses of all kinds. Her hourly rate is $500 per hour for this service, which includes several benefits, assessments and follow-up activity beyond merely your time on Zoom with her. Learn more about this service here


Founder-Table Mastermind.

You can have access to tutorials, video recordings, and a private community as well as a monthly live call with Ebere and her Ideas to Internet Income team. Learn all about it and get on the waitlist here.



Creative and Digital Marketing Services. 

Whether you are a small business owner, course creator, thought leader or event organizer, the Idea to Internet Income team will build a brand new, highly functional and attractive website, with Ebere guiding you in producing web, event or course registration content and sales pages, email funnels, copywriting, a membership website and full course curriculum designed to help you sell your online course, fill your virtual events, and position you as an established authority online. You will also receive a proven Idea to Internet selling system for your business, including driving traffic to your website, blogs or sales pages. To begin the process, please contact the team here.

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If your company possesses a unique market advantage or is ready to learn how to build useful assets that attract organizations of various sizes to enter into a JV partnership with you —such as a sizable customer list and regular seminar schedule,— we could consider working with you or enrolling you into our Founder JV Club. Learn more about it here.

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