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With my 20+ years of business building and management, I consult with corporate organizations and small business owners on various topics including Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Media and event co-creataion, and entrepreneurship development.

What I Offer


I occasionally consult with a limited number of high-level entrepreneurs and business leaders. In my mentorship and advisory work with entrepreneurs and business leaders, we focus on areas where you’d like to see massive improvements or exponential growth. This may include but not limited to:

Achieving your professional development goals: Set your career goals and understand how to leverage your influence for your professional growth.

Map Out Your Business Development Framework: Get clear on your ideal customers and design marketing strategies to attract and sell your products or services.

Developing business partnerships: Understand joint venture partnership’s best practices or attract corporate partners for your consulting or events.

Do you have any other ideas you’d like us to discuss? Do you need some guidance or a mentor to figure out your next action steps?

 I typically work with clients one-on-one for 90-minutes, a half-day strategy session, or a six-week group mentorship engagement. 

For corporate consulting, you contact me using the form below.

How We Work Together

During our time together, I will listen to your plans, aspirations, and ideas. We will brainstorm and agree on the exact steps you need to achieve YOUR objectives. I will guide you based on my experience building and leading successful businesses and brands.

 I would detail the complete roadmap for your next move or business — guiding you in choosing what to do and when to do it — and shorten the rope so you can achieve a faster result.

The Consultation

Our time together won’t just begin on our virtual call. Before our scheduled meeting, I’ll carry out some research to understand your professional line, review your website (if any), your industry, and your ideas through pre-assessment. I’ll draft a marketing to-do list, research potential joint-venture partners, and guide you in planning a marketing campaign or outreach. Only then will we talk via Zoom.

By the time we’re through, you’ll have a personalized blueprint and a well-crafted roadmap to launch or build your business or grow your leadership and impact. Pick a time that works for you, and let’s get started. Once we’re on the phone, I’ll record the call to capture all recommendations for your future reference. 

 If you’d like to claim your spot for a consultation, including my initial questionnaire and assessment tool, my planning and consultation time, and my virtual mentorship recordings — please book a 15 minutes exploratory call below. It would be my privilege to work with you. 

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Speaking or Media Interview Topics

Digital Marketing Strategies to Build and grow Your Ecommerce Store

In today’s business environment, knowing how to successfully navigate through changes and develop effective digital strategies to adapt to our ‘new normal’ is a necessity. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to discover how you can continue conducting your business using digital tools that will allow you to keep serving your customers online.


You will learn:

  • How to choose and validate your online product ideas
  • How to identify and select the best online platform to sell your products
  • 3 Practical steps you need to take to plan and launch an online store in 3 weeks or less
  • What digital marketing strategy to focus on to attract, nurture, retain customers and increase your cash flow
  • One major mistake to avoid when setting up your online store

How To Deliver An Engaging Presentation In A Virtual World: The 3-Part Framework

Strong presentation skills are very important for every leader and aspiring leader. How you craft and deliver your speech impacts how the audience reacts to your talk. Ebere will help you convey your ideas with great confidence and clarity. You and your team will learn to craft, present, and engage your audience during an online workshop or training. You will learn the key elements in crafting an engaging message, portray credibility and expertise, using research, develop visual aids, and deliver the final presentation. Throughout the course, Ebere gives you tips for staying organized and calm, connecting with your audience, and getting the approval needed to move your project forward.

Learning objectives:

  • Presenting online with clarity and confidence
  • Understanding the language of your audience
  • Choosing an engaging presentation format
  • Structuring your talk with context, stats, and examples
  • Crafting an engaging message
  • Engaging your audience from the start
  • Developing an appealing visuals
  • How to use PowerPoint presentation in a virtual setting
  • Developing an executive presence to convey trust and authority
  • Opening strong for a great first impression
  • Checking the pulse of your virtual audience
  • Facilitating a Q&A session



All speaking formats include a complimentary PDF download. Post-workshop webinars, workbooks. Customized group virtual executive training packages are available on request.


  • Online Presentation
  • Half-day online presentation

Your Rise To Leadership

An organisation culture should be built around increasing the leadership confidence of employees to help them lead more effectively in any situation.
Your Rise to Leadership is focused on developing competent and skilled leaders using an easy to implement a leadership development framework that ensures increased productivity, effectiveness, and smooth ongoing implementation across all departments.
To awareness on the importance of leadership development at all levels of the organization, and the actions each individual can take to drive their own leadership development.

You will leave the room with the understanding of:

  • The true meaning of leadership
  • Why you should increase your capacity to lead
  • How to lead from where you are
  • The 5 steps to becoming a leader others want to follow.

How to execute A Successful Joint Venture Partnership

Ebere's Story Of Resilience: Dealing With Setbacks and Thriving in A New Country

Event Co-Creation | Speaking Appearances | Media Collaborations

I partner with corporate organizations to produce an impactful event.

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