You Can Learn to Lead More Effectively

I remember my first international training, which was in 2009. I had travelled to the US to shop for new clothes and handbags and to take a break from the hectic life of running a restaurant. That was my first year in the restaurant business.

So while I was there, I came across a leadership training program, called leadership advantage. I checked the price for a 3-day intensive course and it looked very expensive to me at the time. I had a choice to either attend the training course and save myself from the headache of managing a growing team (back then I had 23 employees and struggled with managing all the processes), or to go ahead and buy my shoes and bags. I couldn’t afford both. The thought was keeping me up, so I called my husband for advice, but he said it was up to me.

I calculated the cost of high staff turnover in my company versus the cost of not buying my shoes. The first was higher, so I opted for the training program. During the training, I was the only woman amongst 11 men, and I was also the only business owner. The others were working in corporations.

That single training changed my leadership trajectory. I learned a lot, including the concept of interviews – the process of sitting down with your employees to learn more about their personal lives and values. Implementing this was effective as staff turnover was drastically reduced, we experienced our highest financial turnover at the end of that year, and the restaurant customer count hit 700 people per day. An employee leadership training was implemented, which took place once a month, plus a quarterly retreat, all taught by myself and guest trainers.

My love for learning soared. Since then, I have attended a leadership training every year, a leadership development coaching, and have a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership. I have also shared my knowledge with several leaders through formal trainings and mentorships.

I would like to advise you to invest in your learning and remember that wisdom does not only come from age, but from knowledge.

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